Vegan August with delicious, quick & easy vegan recipes!

We love summer, but who wants to cook for hours in this heat?
In order to save time without missing the flavor, we recommend some of our vegan recipes that take a minimum of our time and are still delicious.
Of course, we also have a recipe for incredibly tasty sun-dried tomatoes that takes a little more of our time, but the result will reward you.
Finally, we have prepared for you the ultimate dessert of the Greek summer: vegan chocolate biscuit bar (Greek mosaic), a sweet delight that will you will absolutely love!
Have a great summer… or the rest of the summer!
Yours, the All About Vegans team 🙂

Our vegan summer recipes

Photo of a jar and plate of delicious crimson sun-dried tomatoes along with bay leaves, garlic, black peppercorns, thyme and oregano. They can be made with salt or unsalted. A vegan recipe from All About Vegans.

Easy homemade sun-dried tomatoes (also made unsalted)

Make your own homemade sun-dried tomatoes with salt or unsalted.
They are incredibly aromatic and with amazing texture!
Super flavorful!

Photo of a bowl of appetizer, vegan cheese salad with tofu, surrounded by chili peppers. A vegan recipe from All About Vegans.

Incredibly delicious vegan Greek "tyrokafteri" (spicy cheesy dip) with tofu in 5 minutes

Simple and easy hot cheese with tofu in 5 minutes! Vegan, vegetarian and fasting. Ideal for appetizers, dips or spreads on sandwiches and pies. With extremely enjoyable taste and texture! Cool and very pleasantly spicy! He will travel with you!

Photo of a bowl with a salad of lentils, olives, cherry tomatoes, oregano and balsamic sauce. A vegan recipe from All About Vegans.

Vegan Mediterranean salad with lentils

Cool salad with lentils in 25 minutes! With cherry tomatoes, olives, cucumber and delicious balsamic sauce. An easy, fast, economical & very nutritious vegan recipe.

Photo of a glass bottle with homemade chocolate hazelnut milk, with a background of chocolate truffles that we make with whatever is left over from the hazelnuts. In the foreground, low, there are also raw hazelnuts. A vegan and homophagic recipe from All About Vegans com.

Homemade chocolate milk from hazelnuts (and truffles with

Homemade chocolate hazelnut milk with amazing flavor and aroma!
Based on what is left over from the milk, we make delicious truffles!
Vegan and raw vegan! 🙂

Photo of a plate of penne with vegan Napoletana tomato sauce. On the side we can see leaves of broadleaf basil. A vegan recipe from All About Vegans com.

Tomato sauce with basil for pasta and pizza (Napoletana)

Wonderful vegan Napoletana tomato sauce that stands out thanks to its simplicity. With garlic and basil. Perfect for pasta and pizza.

Photo of green smoothie in a transparent glass surrounded by broccoli, kale, ginger, cucumber and chia seeds.

Antioxidant smoothie for natural taste lovers

A super healthy smoothie with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. With kale, broccoli, cucumber, ginger and chia seeds. Enjoy it plain or add lemon drops and a little salt.

Photo of a fried bread surrounded by two bowls of flour and olive oil. A vegan recipe from All About Vegans.

Homemade fried bread with only a few drops of olive oil

Simple and easy vegan fried bread! Ideal for breakfast, snacks or to accompany our vegan dips or salad (as a base or croutons).

Photo of stuffed portobello mushrooms with tomato, rosemary and vegan cheese on a white plate. A vegan and vegetarian recipe from All About Vegans.

Delicious portobello mushrooms stuffed with tomato and vegan cheese

A very easy, fast, simple and delicious recipe for vegan stuffed portobello mushrooms. With tomato, rosemary and vegetable cheese.

Photo of fresh green salad, with a bowl of vinaigrette sauce with orange aroma in the foreground! A vegan recipe from All About Vegans.

Orange vinaigrette (vegan & vegetarian recipe)

Delicious and cool vegan vinaigrette with orange aroma!

Photo of a plate with red / magenta rigatoni. Beetroot pesto garnished with parsley and walnuts. A vegan recipe from All About Vegans.

Vegan beetroot pesto! A unique, colorful and extremely enjoyable vegan recipe for our daily table.

And for dessert our vegan chocolate biscuit bar (or mosaic/kormos as we call it in Greece) 🙂

Photo of a vegan chocolate trunk with digestive cookies on a wooden surface. A vegan and vegetarian recipe from All About Vegans.

Super easy and delicious vegan chocolate biscuit bar (mosaic) in 10 minutes!

Super easy, quick and delicious vegan log (or mosaic) with almond butter and digestive biscuits. In just 10 minutes!