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Photo of a plate with three sis kebabs on a Greek pita bread. Served with vegan tzatziki, onion, tomato, paprika, and parsley. A vegan and vegetarian recipe from All About vegans.
Vegan kebab from lentils and mushrooms (fasting)

Enjoy a super easy, quick, and delicious vegan kebab with Oriental aroma, whether you follow a plant-based diet or not!

Photo of a plate with spinach with rice, leeks and tomato. A vegan & vegetarian version of the traditional Greek spanakorizo recipe.
Delicious Greek spanakorizo with spinach, leeks & tomatoes - In 35′ with only 2 euros!

A simple but incredibly delicious everyday food. It is vegan, fasting, very nutritious, with very few calories and costs less than 2 euros for 6 servings.

Photo of a vegan dish of general Tso's tofu with basmati rice in a bowl and a pair of chopsticks.
Caramelized tofu with basmati in 20 ′ - General Tso's tofu

Caramelized tofu with basmati, garnished with sesame seeds and spring onion in 20 minutes.
General Tso's tofu, an easy and fast vegan recipe that will excite you!

Photo of a dish with soya fillets in olive oil oregano sauce and rice pilaf. A vegan and vegetarian recipe from All About Vegans.
Soy fillets with oregano (ladorigani) and rice pilaf (fasting and vegan)

A homemade food with a delicious texture and aroma of fresh oregano and lemon. And of course our recipe is vegan!

Photo of a yummy stew with eggplant and potatoes in tomato sauce. Α vegan and vegetarian recipe from All About Vegans.
Eggplants and potatoes yahni/vegan ragout

Super simple and easy vegan recipe for Greek yahni with eggplants and potatoes in tomato sauce, with cinnamon and allspice aroma!

Photo of beetroot walnuts dip / spread vegan and vegetarian recipe accompanied with bread sticks. A raw vegan and vegetarian recipe from All About Vegans.

Beetroot paste for dip, sauce, spread or appetizer

Delicious beetroot paste. We can use it as a dip, sauce, appetizer, spread or as a side dish. It is vegan, vegetarian and incredibly addictive!

Photo of a bowl of delicious vegan mushroom soup. A vegan recipe from ALL ABOUT VEGANS
Mushroom soup with rosemary in 30 ′ - Lenten & Vegan recipe

Vegan mushroom soup in just 30'! A super easy recipe with rich texture and unique rosemary and nutmeg aroma.

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Illustration for the article "Vitamin B12 and vegan diet: everything you need to know" from All About Vegans
Vitamin B12 and vegan diet: Everything you need to know

What is vitamin B12 and how will we ensure its adequate intake and absorption through the vegan diet?