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We decided to create with the main goal of raising awareness about animal exploitation. On our site you will find articles, our forum, and our delicious vegan culinary creations!

At the same time, we hope to contribute to the interaction of those interested in the vegan way of life. Also, we will be happy to help those who wish to present any relevant activity of theirs.

We believe all animal lives (including human lives) are equal. As well as that animals do not belong to us, nor that their abuse and slaughter is justified.

We do not define ourselves as vegans, even though we totally agree with the vegan way of life. We do not believe in labels, and we think they can only be harmful. The word vegan, however, is useful as a keyword in order to be able to find people with similar sensitivities, but also related information, products, services, etc.

We believe that by following the vegan way of life, from any starting point, we are eventually sensitized to animals, as well as our fellow humans, and to our natural environment.

There are many extensions in learning to live in harmony with all the creatures of this planet. Both at a personal and social level, as well as in economic and political terms. And we hope they can lead to a more conscious way of life, constituting the foundation for a change of ideologies and perceptions, but also for a new form of education that, as a natural consequence, will cultivate respect as a way of life.

Because vegan means love, empathy, compassion and respect.

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