Merry Christmas!

Vegan Greek Christmas no-honey cookies (melomakarona), vegan Greek kourabiedes and an unforgettable festive Wellington for Christmas full of love!

Photo with vegan Greek Christmas no-honey cookies (melomakarona) from All About Vegans

Easy and delicious vegan Greek Christmas no-honey cookies (melomakarona)

This Christmas we are making super easy and delicious vegan "melomakarona" with clove and cinnamon. Even your non-vegan friends and relatives won't tell the difference from the traditional Greek melomakarona!

Photo with vegan Greek kourabiedes on a red Christmas background.

Amazing vegan Greek kourabiedes with vegan butter and almonds

We are making super easy, quick and mouthwatering vegan Greek kourabiedes with vegan butter, coconut sugar, almonds and stevia powdered sugar!

Vegan Wellington photo, sliced, with vegetables, lentils, mushrooms and aroma of cumin and rosemary. A vegan and vegetarian recipe from All About Vegans.

Mouthwatering vegan Wellington (with vegetables, lentils, and nuts)

Amazing, crowd-pleasing festive vegan Wellington (stuffed with vegetables, lentils, and nuts) with cumin and rosemary aroma!