The following terms are used in the current agreement:

  1. allaboutvegans.com: the current entertaining website, which is located at the web address (URL) www.allaboutvegans.com, including the services provided by it.
  2. ALLABOUTVEGANS: allaboutvegans.com, as legally represented.
  3. Visitor: each internet user, who visits, browses, and/or uses allaboutvegans.com.
  4. Member: the Visitor, who is registered on the provided services of allaboutvegans.com.
  5. Content: all parts of the allaboutvegans.com website, including, but not limited to computer code, articles, opinions, news, comments, recipes, images (e.g. photographs, illustrations, graphics), advertisements, links, hyperlinks, lists, chats, personal data of Members, messages, reviews and ratings, all the content of the forum, which is provided by the Members, as well as trademarks and logos.
  6. Published Content: the entire Content, that is published either by Visitors and/or Members or by columnists, editors, contributors, owners, employees, partners, administrators, moderators, etc. of allaboutvegans.com.
  7. Users' Content: the Published Content, that is published by Visitors and/or Members, such as comments and ratings under the publications, all the content published in all the forum pages, such as texts, opinions, and comments.


This agreement is between ALLABOUTVEGANS and the individual Visitor and/or Member of the current website (www.allaboutvegans.com).

By browsing www.allaboutvegans.com you, unreservedly, accept the terms listed here. In case you do not accept all these terms, you should not continue browsing www.allaboutvegans.com or use any of its services thereof.

These terms might change without prior notice and therefore you are required to read them each time before browsing www.allaboutvegans.com, and/or use its services.

CONTENT OF allaboutvegans.com AND USE OF IT

Allaboutvegans.com is a website about the vegan way of life, which solely intends to entertain the Visitors, and/or the Members. It includes articles, news, recipes, etc., related to the vegan way of life, as well as an online community (forum, comment and rating fields), where Visitors and/or Members can interact, by exchanging opinions.

By browsing allaboutvegans.com, the Visitor and/or Member agrees to be exposed to verbal content, related to the nature of veganism (for example, details of farm animals living conditions).

The Posted Content is made available to allaboutvegans.com Visitors and Members purely and ONLY for their personal, recreational use. Any other use thereof, such as publication, distribution, storage, distribution, in whole, in part or in summary, as is, or modified, in any manner and/or medium, without the written permission of ALLABOUTVEGANS is prohibited. Excluded are digital files that are available for download and storage on a personal computer, as described in the “AVAILABLE FILES FOR DOWNLOAD” chapter herein, and may be used as described therein.

Allaboutvegans.com contains trademarks and copyrighted works, which are protected as described in the respective chapters below ("TRADEMARKS" and "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY").

Allaboutvegans.com may contain ads as described in the following chapters "ADVERTISEMENTS" and "AFFILIATE MARKETING".


On allaboutvegans.com, and in the newsletters, that are sent to the registered users, might be included advertisements in various forms, such as hyperlinks, in text or image form, that lead to third-party websites. ALLABOUTVEGANS bears no responsibility whatsoever for the content of the advertisements, or the content of the third-party websites (as it is not able to intervene in them), nor for any damage or loss that might arise, directly or indirectly, with or without intention (even by accident), due to the visit, and/or use of them, such as purchases, or submitting personal information, to or through them.


Allaboutvegans.com contains affiliate links. This means that if the Visitor/Member follows a link to make a purchase from a third-party website, we will receive a commission from this purchase, with no additional cost to the Visitor/Member beyond the value of the product or service they will buy. The links we put in our articles are about products or services that we either have used or like and believe in.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


Members are able to participate in the discussions of the forum and the comments of the articles. Visitors are able to participate only in the comments of the articles and only after the approval of their comment.

The Visitor may register on the services of allaboutvegans.com, by creating his/her personal account, through the respective registration form, providing his/her first and last name, email, and a username. Τhe Visitor is required and agrees to provide true, valid, complete and accurate data. Additionally, each Member must keep the data he/she provided, during the registration, up to date, true, valid, complete and accurate.

By submitting his/her registration form, the Visitor/Member, receives, via email, the username he/she chose, the password that is automatically created, the link towards the forum login form and instructions for changing his/her password.

Each Member is exclusively responsible:
1. for keeping the access details of his/her personal account (username and password) safe and secret,
2. for all of his/her actions in allaboutvegans.com, as well as for any activity that occurs through his/her personal account (i.e. with the use of his/her personal username and password),
3. for logging out of his/her account after each visit to allaboutvegans.com,
4. for keeping allaboutvegans.com informed of any unauthorized use of his/her personal account, as well as for any potential security infringement that comes to his/her knowledge,
5. for choosing a username that does not include insults, misleading names, trademarks or legally registered names, third-party names, or references to them, as well as anything that might contain or might be considered, or imply anything defamatory, harmful and/or illegal,
6. for maintaining only one account,
7. for managing only his/her own account.

If a Member forgets the password of his/her active account, he/she can use the button provided in the login form to create a new one.

The administrators of allaboutvegans.com have the right, but not the obligation, to supervise the Users' Content.

The administrators of allaboutvegans.com, reserve the right to delete a Member's personal account, or its individual publications, or portions thereof, as well as comments, with or without notice, in the event that they are illegal or, in their sole discretion, inappropriate, suspicious or even contrary to the ethics of this site, as described in chapter "ETHICS AND VISITORS'/ MEMBERS' OBLIGATIONS". Inactive personal accounts, where appropriate, may be deleted. It may also be prohibited to re-register a former Member who has caused damage, or is suspicious, in an attempt to prevent the proper, and within the permissible ethics, operation of allaboutvegans.com.

Access to allaboutvegans.com is prohibited to minors, without the consent of their parents or their legal guardians, as well as to those who, for other reasons, might be prohibited to access it, by applicable Greek law, or the one of their permanent residence.


The Visitor and/or Member may subscribe to the newsletter of allaboutvegans.com.

The Visitor/ Member can subscribe:
1. either by completing the relevant registration form, providing his/her email,
2. or during the download process of the available digital files.
The registration takes place by providing a name and an email so that the Visitor/Member can receive the newsletters, which might include advertisements in various forms, such as text, images, hyperlinks and affiliate links.

The Visitor and/or Member may unsubscribe from the newsletter through the process that is described in the last newsletter he/she received, or by contacting us. contacting us.

REQUEST TO DELETE YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT (and/or parts of your Users' Content)

Members may request the deletion of their personal account, by contacting allaboutvegans.com. In that case, their personal account becomes non-accessible, as soon as possible. Their publications are not deleted due to functionality reasons, and their personal data is maintained for five years, since the deletion request, for ALLABOUTVEGANS' security and protection reasons (e.g. in case of a legal dispute), such as from illegal activities, that the Member might have committed during his/her access to allaboutvegans.com, and its services, and to avoid ALLABOUTVEGANS being burdened, because of them.

If a Μember wishes to delete a specific publication (e.g. a comment), he/she may contact allaboutvegans.com for further consideration of the subject. In every case, allaboutvegans.com might maintain a backup for five years, only for the reasons mentioned above (regarding the deletion of a personal account).


On allaboutvegans.com there are digital files on the DOWNLOADS page, explicitly labeled as "downloads", which are available for download and storage on a computer, or other electronic devices.

During the download process, you are required to complete the relevant registration form, by providing a name and an email. After completing and accepting the terms that accompany the form:
1. an email will be sent to you, regarding the way you will receive the chosen file,
2. Subscribe to our newsletter recipient list, which you can subscribe to whenever you like, as described above in "NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION AND UNSUBSCRIPTION".

These downloadable digital files might include texts, videos and still images (e.g. photos, illustrations, texts, and graphics). These files are provided to the Visitor and/or Member, with a non-exclusive license, and strictly, for personal use only. Specifically, it includes only the use of the digital file on a personal, not public, computer, and/or printing the file on a personal, and not public, printer, strictly for personal use only. Under no circumstances is allowed any commercial, or other usages (including exposure, distribution and/or disposal to the public) of the files, in digital or printed form, in whole or in part, as they are, or modified, without the written permission of ALLABOUTVEGANS.


At www.allaboutvegans.com there is an online shop (e-shop), at the link www.allaboutvegans.com/vegan-eshop, where the products produced and marketed by ALLABOUTVEGANS are displayed and sold online. ALLABOUTVEGANS products include handmade candles, mugs and other home and decor items, various handmade items, etc.

By accepting the terms of use, the Visitor and/or Member also accepts the Returns and Cancellations Policy of www.allaboutvegans.com.


www.allaboutvegans.com provides accurate, truthful and complete information regarding the products and services it offers. In the event of an inadvertent error, he will correct it as soon as he becomes aware of its existence. It does not guarantee the availability of the products, but it informs the customers of the online store (e-shop) in a timely manner about non-availability, without bearing any further responsibility.

The prices of the products in the online store (e-shop) may change without notice.

The products may differ from the photos displayed in the online store (e-shop) in terms of colors etc., so always read the description and additional information to get a more complete picture of the product. Handmade products (that is, those that state in the product description that they are handmade) may vary slightly from order to order in terms of colors, weight, smell (eg candles), etc. Because they are handmade, they cannot always be identical.

Also, the packaging of the products (boxes, ribbons on the gift box, etc.) may change, but we always maintain the high quality and aesthetics, and we also do our best to protect the products as best as possible.


  • Shipping by courier

Orders of handmade products (that is, those that state in the product description that they are handmade) are shipped by allaboutvegans.com in 5-10 days after they are placed, as their preparation begins when the order is placed. The time of receipt of the order by the recipient/customer should also include the delivery time by the respective courier company for which allaboutvegans.com is not responsible.

Shipping of other products varies by supplier, but shipping time ranges from 2-15 business days.

Handmade products are shipped with different shipping than other products (mugs, aprons, etc.). That is, if someone buys a handmade soy candle and a mug, they will be sent to them in two separate shipments.


The online store of allaboutvegans.com (www.allaboutvegans.com/vegan-eshop) has the following payment methods:
• Credit card
• Deposit to NBG account:
IBAN: GR6001106720000067200685435
Beneficiary: Afroditi Matthaiou
swift code (BIC): ETHNGRAA
• Paypal
• Cash on delivery (cash). Valid for orders up to €500.


Shipping costs are automatically calculated at check out.


For handmade products (that is, those that state in the product description that they are handmade), we accept returns within 14 calendar days from the day of receipt of the product, in its original packaging and condition and with all the papers that accompanied it (receipt, invoice, etc.).

The buyer should contact us at in**@al************.com or through it contact form within this period of 14 days.

Returns will be made by courier at the buyer's expense, unless the return is due to an error on the part of allaboutvegans.com (sending the wrong product, damaged product, etc.).

Refunds to the buyer will be made within 14 calendar days of contacting allaboutvegans.com via e-mail at in**@al************.com or through it contact form.

For other products (not listed as handmade), returns are not accepted, except in the case of a manufacturing fault or damaged product, in which case a refund will be made, and only if the buyer contacts allaboutvegans.com within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product at in**@al************.com or through it contact form.

If the product arrives at its destination with damages, the buyer must contact us at in**@al************.com or through it contact form sending relevant photos in order to establish the damage of the product.


Cancellation of an order can be made within 24 hours of its execution by contacting us at in**@al************.com or through it contact form.


You are kindly requested to:
1. behave in a lawful and friendly way, in order to contribute to a productive exchange of opinions (for example, do not use inappropriate expressions and do not, personally, criticize other Visitors and/or Members, but you may decently comment their ideas)
2. do not use Greeklish (Greek words written in Latin alphabet) so that the comments are comprehensible from as many users as possible. Comments that are written exclusively in Greeklish might be deleted without prior notice.
3. do not make repeated posts, as they might be considered as advertisements or spamming and might be deleted without prior notice.

Visitors and Members, via allaboutvegans.com, including its services, are forbidden:
1. to install or attempt to install any kind of software, as well as to interfere by obstructing the proper technical operation of allaboutvegans.com,
2. to behave unlawfully, as well as attempting, inciting or inducing, directly or indirectly, with or without intention (even by accident), anything unlawful,
3. to use in any way the intellectual property, of which they do not have the necessary permission, such as posting, publishing, distributing or sharing texts, trademarks, photographs,
4. to use the Content in any way, out of the current website (allaboutvegans.com), including publishing, distributing and storing (e.g. in magnetic or other media), without the written permission of ALLABOUTVEGANS. However, they are allowed to share the link of a page by copying it or by using the social media share buttons, available on allaboutvegans.com,
5. to publish, reproduce, or republish any third-party created content, or any content they do not have permission to use, as well as any illegal or illegally acquired content, and also hyperlinks, in any form, even in the form of a simple text (or any other form that indicates a specific third-party website, or implies it, even if it is not an active link - where you click on and leads to another website), that lead to such content.
6. to use insults, as well as offensive, immoral, threatening, racist, deliberately misleading, irrelevant (spam), defamatory and/or harmful expressions, and comments,
7. to make any kind of advertising, marketing and promotion, including classified advertisements, without the written permission of ALLABOUTVEGANS,
8. to mislead or attempt to mislead Visitors, Members, and the administrators of allaboutvegans.com, regarding their identity, as well as their relationship with third parties.

Visitors and Members consent to any use of Users' Content in allaboutvegans.com, by ALLABOUTVEGANS, at the discretion of the administrators (such as publishing recent comments of the forum on the home page).

If you are offended by a comment or discover a comment in allaboutvegans.com, that violates the terms stated here, please contact us to review it and take the necessary, at our discretion, actions, so that allaboutvegans.com functions as best as possible. contact with us to look at it and make the necessary, at our discretion, action to make allaboutvegans.com work in the best possible way.

If they think it is necessary, the administrators of allaboutvegans.com might advise, and/or make suggestions to Members, who do not comply with the terms herein, for the protection of Visitors, Members and the proper function of this website, and to which they have to comply, if they wish to continue participating in it as Members.


ALLABOUTVEGANS' trademark (logo) is registered and therefore, protected by law.

Registered trademarks of third parties, that might be included on allaboutvegans.com, are property of their creators or owners.

It is forbidden to use any trademark included on allaboutvegans.com, in any way, without written permission from the respective creator or responsible person, per case.


On allaboutvegans.com there are intellectual property works (such as articles, photos, illustrations, the cartoon character that accompanies the logo of allaboutvegans.com, computer code, etc.), that are protected by law as such.

It is forbidden to use them in any way, such as republish, share, or distribute them by any way and/or mean, as well as to store them in magnetic or other storage media, but also, to make any kind of adaptation or modification thereof (including abridgment and translation), without the written permission of ALLABOUTVEGANS, or of the respective copyright holder, or responsible person, per case.


ALLABOUTVEGANS is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the improper use of each Member's personal account.

In no event shall ALLABOUTVEGANS, including its owners and associates, be liable for any damage or loss caused by the direct or indirect or other use of allaboutvegans.com and its Content, as well as by the inability to use them.

In no event shall ALLABOUTVEGANS, including its owners and associates (such as columnists, illustrators, photographers), be liable for any damage or loss caused, directly or indirectly, with or without intention (even by accident), by any action of Visitors and Members, as well as by the Users' Content, as each Visitor or Member bears the exclusive liability of those (civil or criminal, which, indicatively, might arise, directly or indirectly, with or without intention, even by accident).

Each part of the Published Content expresses solely the opinions of the individual columnist, associate, Visitor or Member who published it or shared it, and it is provided for entertainment purposes only. The Published Content is provided as it is, with no guarantee of its quality, accuracy, validity or adequacy whatsoever, and in no case and under no circumstances, it can be considered as direct or indirect guidance, advice or encouragement that you should follow without making sure it is appropriate for you. ALLABOUTVEGANS bears no responsibility whatsoever, even from negligence, for any damage or loss that might be caused, directly or indirectly, with or without intention (even by accident), because of the Published Content, as the Visitor and/or Member bears the exclusive responsibility of any use or application of it, and he/she is called upon to judge, examine and evaluate it and finally act solely on personal will, excluding ALLABOUTVEGANS from any responsibility. For example, regarding your health or diet, directly or indirectly, you should consult your doctor or a health and nutrition professional, who will guide you based on your personal needs.

Each columnist, associate, Visitor and/or Member, who indicatively distributes, shares or publishes the Published Content, through allaboutvegans.com and its services, is solely responsible for it, and under no circumstances shall ALLABOUTVEGANS be considered endorsing, approving or being responsible for it, nor embracing the opinions included therein.

Each Visitor and/or Member is solely responsible for any damage caused by their actions or omissions, directly or indirectly, with or without intention (even by accident), to ALLABOUTVEGANS, and unreservedly accepts that he/she has the sole responsibility to compensate ALLABOUTVEGANS, and/or its partners, for any legal dispute that might arise out of the Users' Content, that he/she has posted, distributed or shared to, or via allaboutvegans.com.

On allaboutvegans.com there might be hyperlinks leading to third-party websites. Those third-party websites are separate from ALLABOUTVEGANS and governed by their own terms of use and privacy policy. In no event shall ALLABOUTVEGANS, including its associates, be liable for any damage or loss caused by any content, or use of third-party websites, due to the allaboutvegans.com hyperlink that led to them.

ALLABOUTVEGANS, as much as possible, aims, but does not guarantee, at the continuous, proper and unobstructed operation of allaboutvegans.com.

ALLABOUTVEGANS reserves the right to, temporarily or permanently, suspend the operation of allaboutvegans.com and its services, in whole or in part, as well as to make any modifications, regarding its structure, its Content, and its operation, without prior notice.


The Privacy Policy (which is an integral and indispensable part of the present document) of allaboutvegans.com, describes, in detail, the personal data we collect, the way we process them, as well as your rights on the process of this data. You can read it here.


The current Terms of Use are governed by the provisions of Greek law, European legislation, as well as the relevant International Treaties & Agreements. Competent courts are those of Athens, in Greece. Even if any of the above terms is invalid, this will not affect the overall validity and power of the rest of the terms. This is the overall agreement between ALLABOUTVEGANS and each Visitor and/or Member.

©allaboutvegans.com / The present is an intellectual property of ALLABOUTVEGANS and any use, in whole or in part, indicatively including, but not limited to, publication, public display, sharing, abridgment, revision, modification, and translation, is forbidden.