We stay home and try to adapt to the new reality. After going through a phase wondering if it makes sense, under these circumstances, to continue enriching our site with new articles and recipes, we soon decided that it does make sense, and now more than ever.

Since we are at home and it seems we will be for quite some time, let's make the best out of this time. We are here and we will have new recipes for you that suit the circumstances. That is, with simple ingredients that we may already have in our pantry, but also within budget. And of course, vegan and delicious!

At the same time, we adjusted the topics of our articles to be relevant to the vegan community, as well as to the new situation.

All the best, from the team of ALL About Vegans 🙂

Our new recipes

Traditional Greek stuffed grape leaves (dolmadakia yialantzi) with vegan béchamel (white) sauce - Video on how to roll them

Delicious stuffed grape leaves (dolmadakia yialantzi) with béchamel (white) sauce. All vegan 🙂 And video with instructions on how to roll them, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Super flavorful Greek lentil soutzoukakia

Delicious plant-based Greek soutzoukakia made from lentils! Tender, cooked in a rich tomato sauce, with a wonderful cumin, allspice, and cinnamon aroma.

Pasta Bolognese with minced soya and vegetables

Pasta with minced soya. Super quick, tasty, hearty, frugal, but also a plant-based recipe!

Grilled vegetable patties in 30 minutes!

Grilled vegetable patties in just 30 minutes! Perfect suggestion for a quick, simple frugal, and incredibly flavorful meal or snack for vegans, vegetarians, and not only!

The simplest vanilla cake with olive oil and chocolate chips

A simple, easy, fluffy and mouthwatering cake with 5 basic ingredients. Flour, olive oil, sugar, plant-based milk, and chocolate chips. No mixer needed. Just one bowl and a fork are enough. Vegan, fasting, vegetarian… No matter how you call it, it's absolutely perfect!

New articles from our Blog

Here we have a selection of our latest articles.
Read about coronavirus, its origins and its connection to eating habits. Ideas for shopping and cooking, as well as articles on nutritional yeast, garlic, and its natural properties.
What is the origin of coronavirus? Who is to blame?

The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was first detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Since then it has been spread to all continents and is such a significant biological hazard that mankind has not faced for decades. But who is to blame for the appearance of this new coronavirus?

Garlic: the natural antibiotic

For a life full of quality and health, we should include garlic in our diet. This ancient herb with multiple uses, nutrients and medicinal properties.

Nutritional yeast: an addiction of high nutritional value

Nutritional yeast has a strong rich flavor that is overly similar to cheese, which makes it a must-have in vegan cuisine. Its enrichment with vitamins and especially with B12, can make the nutritional yeast the ultimate B12 intake source for humans.

Quarantine: shopping & cooking

Quarantine: shopping and cooking. Ideas for preserving food, shopping, and cooking, with references to favorite recipes. Because, we stay at home, but we can still cook delicious and nutritious meals!