Christmas VEGAN menu

Yes! We can have a full vegan Christmas menu, not only extremely delicious but also impressive! The menu includes appetizer, soup, salad, main course and dessert.

Bon appetit with this, full of love, menu!

Awesome vegan loaf from lentils and veggies!
Impressive and colorful vegan loaf with lentils and vegetables. Extremely tasty and with delicious texture. A real ornament for your festive dinning table!
Simple, easy and delicious vegan pumpkin soup in 30 minutes!

Delicious vegan pumpkin soup in 30 minutes! With rosemary and nutmeg. Simple, easy and awesome!

Vegan cheese substitute with cashews and sun-dried tomatoes

Impressively delicious vegan cheese! Ideal for spread and dip. Definitely worth a try!

Stunning colorful festive fresh salad for holiday dinners

Impress your guests with this festive salad! A feast of colors and flavors with a wonderful fresh sauce.

Amazing vegan chocolate truffles with hazelnuts and peanut butter

These hazelnut and peanut butter truffles are seriously satisfying, and loaded with healthy and nutritious ingredients for all ages. It's absolutely certain that you will love them, as all our friends, vegans and non-vegans, did.

Christmas articles

Don't even think about going to a non-vegan Christmas dinner without reading the following survival guide!
Also, read what you need to know about pomegranate, chestnuts and pumpkin.
Ideas and suggestions for answers to the incredible non-vegan arguments we hear most often. How can we communicate our messages to non-vegans with proper information and humor?
Pomegranate, not just for good luck

Pomegranate is considered a superfood. Read about its positive effects on our health and learn how to deseed it in just a minute!

Chestnut. The nut we all love!

Chestnut is a beloved winter delicacy for young and old alike, and is used in countless vegan recipes. It's a nut, loaded with important nutrients, with a unique flavor that can be combined in an impressive way with a variety of foods.

Pumpkin: don't just look at it... eat it!

The nutritional value of pumpkin is as few as vegetables. Those of you who have this superfood at home, use it in your vegan creations, for incredible delicious recipes and numerous health benefits.