An apple a day… what comes next is well known, since the benefits of eating apples have been known since ancient times.

Apples are extremely nutritious. They are rich in vitamins and contain fiber, but also necessary metallic trace elements and, as we will see next, special nutrients with therapeutic effect for the human body. These nutrients are essential elements of a vegan, or non-vegan, diet.

The peel

Many of the special nutrients contained in the apple are inside or just underneath the peel. Such as:

  • ursolic acid (it protects our muscular system from degeneration during old age),
  • lots of fiber,
  • vitamins (C, A),
  • quercetin (antioxidant, protects our nervous system),
  • numerous substances with potential anti-cancer effect.

So, when we peel it, we lose all of the above.

Of course, if we're going to eat the fruit with the peel, first we should wash it thoroughly to remove any pesticides that may exist or, alternatively, to choose organic ones. The best way to clean an apple is: a bowl filled with water and rubbing the fruit with a soft brush.

The pits

It's worth mentioning that even apple pits have multiple benefits for our health. This is because many probiotic bacteria live there, such as the genus Lactobacillus (which in a non-vegan diet we may find in probiotic-enriched yogurts). These bacteria help digestion and the overall function of the digestive system.

The stalk

So, it turns out that our favorite little apple is a fruit that can be consumed by only throwing away the stalks. Of course, this is a matter of appetite, taste, and tolerance of each and every one of us for the different parts of this precious fruit.


How do you eat your apple?