A female baby calf is born.

After 9 months her mother carried it in her belly, she lovingly looks at it. She cleans it up, licking it up tenderly, as her instinct guides her after birth. She helps it stand on its own feet, by pushing it gently with her muzzle.

They yearningly touch each other. The baby calf tries to find her mom's teats to breastfeed. For the first and perhaps the last time.

While the mother cow breastfeeds her calf, a human approaches. The one who comes over and over again each time she gives birth to a calf. As soon as she sees him, she starts trembling with fear. She paralyzes, but she thinks this time she'll try even harder to keep her baby close to her so he won't take it away from her.

But alas! It's impossible. Like all the other times, he tricks her, beats her, and finally manages to grab her little calf and leave. She can't believe it... Once again the mom cow is left alone to mourn her lost baby. The pain is unbearable. She runs behind the truck that transfers her baby, but it's useless. The truck leaves. Along with her baby. Forever... In her despair, she screams and walks nervously back and forth, meaninglessly. She can't find peace anywhere.

In the meantime, her milk, which she would normally give to her baby, makes her udder swell and ache. And then that human comes back. This time to take her milk as well.

& #8220; companies & #8221; to sell it, along with the cheese and yogurt they make from it, in beautiful and pleasant packaging. Packages well thought out to hide the tragic truth about their macabre origin.

For decades, these "companies" have convinced their customers that those (milk, cheese, yogurt), and other milk derivatives, must be an integral part of their diet in order to be healthy.

So, this human, without a trace of compassion, puts the machines on her tits to take her milk. The mom cow is in pain, but the separation from her baby is even more painful. She knows she'll never see it again. It has been done many times. But somewhere deep inside her, she hopes that this time they will bring it back.

It's been days, weeks.


No trace of her baby.

She finally accepts it. Once more, nothing has changed. Her baby is gone. What is not gone, though, is the pain and grief she feels also from the loss of her previous babies, who have been forcibly stolen. She'll be left alone and immobilized, having her milk stolen, until the next time they want to hold her still in the "rape rack" and impregnate her for the umpteenth time.

When it's no longer & #8220; productive & #8221? and will not make a profit on companies like & #8220; machine & #8221; of milk production, the time of its slaughter will come. This way, they will be able to make a profit from it for the last time, by selling its shredded body in the butchers and supermarkets for human consumption.

As for her calf, as soon as this man who always & #8220; only does his job & #8221; got it sandwiched with many other calves away from their mothers. There, amidst anxiety and fear, he waited for his mother to be taken back to him. But that never happened. He stayed with the rest of the calves until he reached adulthood.

When she reached the age of 18 months she was an adult cow, ready to breed. So, just like her mother, she was also led to the "rape rack" to start living her own hell on Earth.

Her first birth was a male calf. As soon as her baby was born, she barely had the chance to see it, because it was taken away, just like she was taken from her mother.

This time the little male calf, if it wouldn't die of a disease, would live for a few weeks up to about a year in miserable conditions until its slaughter. Killing him at such an early age results in his not being & #8220; profitable & #8221; This is because he is male and therefore does not give birth to other calves, nor does he produce milk. So males aren't & #8220; usable & #8221? only through their slaughter, because of their soft and tender flesh. They are the so-called milk calves. That is, what they should breastfeed!

In this story, the male calf, his mother and her own mother, all ended up in the hands of the same slaughterer, after a short or long miserable life, full of pain, anxiety, and fear.

But this is not just a fictional story. It's the story of all cows, all over the world (at least as far as we know).

I'm sure the mom cow would rather have a happy and carefree life in a meadow with her babies. Just as they appear in ads...

We could contribute to making these ads become a reality someday. Let's stop consuming animal products. Let's stop contributing to the abuse and torture of these creatures. We can all coexist on this planet without violence, but with compassion and empathy.


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