The birth of a baby, any baby, is something unique and wonderful. Or it should be. When a woman is pregnant and is constantly feeling her baby moving inside her belly, she is eager to meet her. So is her friends and relatives. What’s more, though, the baby's parents dream about their child's future and their future as a family. They want their baby to grow up and be strong, healthy, full of potential.

So when the time comes, and the mother brings her baby to the world, friends and relatives get together to welcome her and celebrate with her parents at this special moment.

And while everyone is happy with this new life, someone comes and takes the baby without saying anything, not even to the parents, ties her up, upside down and cuts her throat. Then he leaves her there, half-dead, to live the very first and last moments of her life in agony and terror, all by herself.

Ηer mother, though, did everything in her power to protect her. But she couldn’t because she was too weak after giving birth. And now, in vain, she is desperately looking for her. She cries. She is in despair. And when she can’t find her, she, once again, gives in to her fate... Because this is not the first time this is happening to her. No. It has happened many times before.

A mother's story

Let all beings live as they choose.

Nor is she the only one. The same thing happened to the mother who gave birth right next to her a few days ago, and she is still grieving for the loss of her baby.

The same person is also going to, violently, steal the milk from the mother's breasts at the most vulnerable moment of her life.

All of these are happening so that both the milk and the newborn baby are sold to people, as products, to satisfy their taste preferences.

If this story sounds too much to be happening to a person, then why is it normal to be happening to all the cows and their calves, to pigs or sheep (and not only) all over the world, each and every day? Why is it normal for mothers and their newborns to experience this kind of pain, physically and mentally, throughout their lives?

Why is it normal for people (not only children but also adults) to drink the milk of other animals' mothers and eat their newborn babies?

Let us consider how we would feel if we were in those creatures’ position and let all (without exception) mothers and their babies, with whom we cohabit this planet, live in their natural environment, the way they will choose. Let us try to change our belief that animals belong to us and that they have no feelings because this is a misconception. Let us live our lives with kindness and compassion.