Vegan Wraps - Quick, simple, healthy and within budget 🙂

One of the first things I missed when I started following the vegan way of life was wraps and sandwiches. My favorite choices when I was in a hurry.

So, I decided to try and find my favorite combinations. After trying out several ideas, I realized that the flavor combinations are endless. You only need to have a wrap (or bread), a sauce and some filling.

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The 3 main ingredients

So, after several experiments, I ended up deciding that all it takes are 3 main ingredients to enjoy countless tasty combinations. Wraps, tahini and sun-dried tomatoes.

1. Wraps

You can use any kind of wrap. There are several options. Arabic, Mexican or Greek, as well as with wholemeal or cornmeal flour, herbs, etc. Some of them need little baking, others just a warm-up and others can be eaten raw, such as the Arabic one. When in doubt, refer to the instructions on the packaging.

If you have the time to make your own, even better! Experiment by adding your favorite herbs and spices. Like thyme, oregano, fresh parsley or coriander, cumin, smoked paprika, turmeric and curry. Do not hesitate to try adding chopped sun dried tomatoes or olives. Additional flavor can be achieved by adding nutritional yeast (preferably enhanced with vitamin B12).

2. Tahini

Here is where tahini comes to the rescue in the vegan cuisine! We use it as a sauce base.

The main thing is to mix the tahini with lemon, extra virgin olive oil and maybe a little water depending on the density we want to achieve. In addition, we can add melted garlic (or powder) and sweet paprika or tandoori masala.

So, you can have from a soft, earthy and subtle fresh sauce to a strong one, like a Greek "tzatziki" flavor. In the second case, you can add grated cucumber, and finely chopped parsley.

To save time, put all the ingredients on the wrap and mix as you spread them.

If you are in a hurry you can use only tahini. But if you are not a fan of tahini's distinctive flavor, add some "juicy" vegetables such as tomato or cucumber.

You can make many different sauces, so don't hesitate to experiment.

3. Sun-dried tomatoes

Basically, we use sun-dried tomatoes for extra flavor and texture. However, you can replace them with any kind of olives. If you dare to go one step further, try any pickled vegetable for impressive results. Start with capers or dill pickles and continue with peppers, carrot, and cauliflower.

Even without sun-dried tomatoes or olives, you can have delicious wraps, but these two ingredients elevate both texture and taste.

The filling

Here, you can become extremely creative. You can add fresh or roasted vegetables. Or even slightly cooked. Also, pulses, rice, pickles, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, and spices.

For example, you can make a:

  1. Mediterranean pita with fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, olives, onions, capers and oregano.
  2. Mexican wrap with avocado, rice, red beans, corn, green and red pepper, cilantro, tabasco and lettuce.
  3. Vegan burritos with minced soy, colorful peppers and homemade vegan sour cream.
  4. Arabic pita with chickpeas, radicchio, parsley, cucumber, tomato and cumin.

Literally, you can add almost everything available in a vegan cuisine. From lettuce and tomato to tofu and nutritional yeast.


  1. Place the wrap, raw, heated or cooked, on top of a piece of parchment paper (or tin foil) a bit larger than your wrap.
  2. Spread the sauce all over the wrap.
  3. Add the filling (vegetables, pulses, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.) in the middle (in a vertical arrangement).
  4. Roll tight and serve.

They are delicious, low-cost and vegan!

Useful tips

  1. If you heat or cook the wrap, keep it soft. If it hardens there's a chance it'll break when rolling it.
  2. You will use about 3-6 tablespoons of filling for each wrap. Depending on the size of the wrap and how full we want it.
  3. You can serve the wrap as it is or with a small side salad. In the second case we can cut it in half with a diagonal cut. For this to be possible, first wrap tightly, with two smaller pieces of greaseproof paper (or aluminum foil), the two edges of the pie and then cut it in half. For the quick preparation of the salad we can simply chop any vegetables we have available. If we want a richer taste, we can add extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, herbs and spices.
  4. Instead of wraps, you can use:
  • Bread of any type. You will need two slices or a bun cut in half. The bread can also be used raw, heated or toasted.
  • Seaweed nori sheets for Chinese wraps. Which can be filled with tofu, sprouts, corn, napa cabbage, and carrot.
  • Any vegetable with large leaves. Such as, white or purple cabbage, collard greens or chards. If they are hard you can soften them by dipping them in boiling water for a few seconds.


Try our suggestions or experiment with your own ideas! We will be glad to read your opinion in the comments! 🙂