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My husband eats meat while I am a vegetarian

My husband eats meat while I don't, I'm a vegetarian and the more I get informed, the more I get upset about animals. It's a big problem because we have two little girls and I think we confuse them by not being clear whether eating meat is good or not.

I really don't know what to do, I don't want to give them meat but my husband insists. I give them to him but with a heavy heart ...

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Aphrodity Matthaiou
I believe that a world full of goodness is possible.

Hello Anna. We are glad to have you in our company! This issue you raise is like all the issues of raising our children. There are many different views, stimuli, behaviors and we are called to choose what is right to do. My view is that we honestly explain to children that everyone believes different things and has different priorities. We also need to explain our position to them. That is, that we do not like to eat meat because we are upset about the animals, but also because because food is not good for our body. And at the same time we explain what foods make us strong and healthy (fruits, vegetables, etc.). The latter is within the framework of our parental responsibility. In other words, giving our children to eat what we think is good for their health and excluding what is bad for them. I hope, I helped you!

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Anna M.

Thank you very much Aphrodite! And your support alone is already enough help!

I believe that a world full of goodness is possible.