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Suggestions about the way we can respond to the incredible arguments of non-vegans that we hear the most. Ways to communicate our messages to non-vegans with proper information and humor 🙂

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Very good article and very helpful! My friends and I constantly have such discussions and the article is very apt, although it would not be, since literally all of us have understood that we hear the same things. I'm really tired of discussing the same things. I just hope something from what I tell them takes place.

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Thodoris TibilisMartilak

I'm so glad you liked it!

Rest assured that everything you say to your friends is heard. The proof is that they react. But it takes patience. It is not easy to change one's habits and beliefs for a lifetime. I've seen several friends and acquaintances who, while initially reacting disparagingly, finally after a while, even 2 years later, I see that they have been troubled by how humans exploit non-human animals. Few of them followed the vegan lifestyle and this is incredibly important to me! Because they were sensitized, informed and made their choices.

Others are just positive to try vegan recipes and that is also important. At least they realize that vegan foods are very tasty and nutritious. If they overcome the fear of what I will eat, they may not be so negative about the vegan lifestyle, which of course is not a diet but a way of life with empathy.

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Ah how happy I am that I finally don't need to talk without anyone understanding me! I hear all the same things from my friends, they keep accusing me, they keep worrying, I don't suffer from anything, I don't eat meat, while I tell them that I'm better, they keep insisting. I'm tired too

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Thodoris Tibilis

@martilak here to be sure we understand you! I think this situation has started to change and non-vegan people are no longer so negative. I think that the growing community of vegan people has obviously contributed to this, as well as the fact that more and more vegan products are being released.

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Good Evening! Very nice article and helpful. It is really very difficult for someone who is not a vegan to understand you. What we hear is not said ... Of course the first thing we hear when we say we do not eat meat is "And what do you eat ???". It's as if they only eat meat every day! The other times they do not eat meat, what do they eat? Well, that's what I eat! Even that bees are not animals they told me when I said I do not eat honey either! Eh, what do I tell them then? Plant;;; With some you can not communicate the basics. Where to go for deeper discussions?

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