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Consuming habits and responsibility

When we buy something, we have a responsibility. When we make a purchase, we practically vote. If we buy, for example, a particular brand of a product, we have just chosen. We have informed the store owner that we like that particular brand or product and that we prefer it from the rest.

We have actually voted. The more we vote on a particular product, the more likely it is for the store owner to re-order it from his vendor. He will eventually transfer our claim, probably through several intermediaries, to the original producer.

Only the suppliers or producers voted by many of us will continue their activity. The rest will, de facto, be forced to cease their operation, as their business will not be sustainable.

That is our responsibility. We vote (almost every day), we have the power to decide which activity will continue, and which will be over.

If you want you can read the whole article here:

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Aphrodity MatthaiouTokyoKonstantinosM
Choose comppassion 🙂

Perfect! Very good. So is. But we live in a society where we are not just conscious. It takes a lot of effort on our part and few are willing to invest in themselves. Tragic ...

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OkTokyo unfortunately we can't convince anyone with words to change lifestyle. The only way is to set an example. It is at least the only hope for our world to change for the better. Changing ourselves and showing others that there are other options, and another way to live, to have your health (and even better), without having to torture or kill innocent creatures.

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Thodoris TibilisKonstantinosM

.aphrodity Strongly Agree!

That's where I ended up! I have made my choices and let me judge from them. I contribute in the direction I support by not buying non-vegan products and clothes. I can do that even if it seems a little, if I can influence even one or two it is a lot because they in turn will affect others and so on.

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