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I remember years ago, every now and then, a bear with a bear and a tambourine, the so-called bear, passed by my neighborhood. The bear often walked on two legs. Ever since then, I've been saddened that she was chained. Too bad ... Fortunately, I don't think this profession exists anymore ... God forbid ...

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Thodoris Tibilis
I believe that a world full of goodness is possible.

Anna, I think it is now officially banned in Greece. But from what I've read in other countries, such as Turkey and Bulgaria, there are still bears. Unfortunately...

Their training was done in a martyrdom way. They immobilized them with chains tied around their necks and thus forced them to stand on incandescent sheets (usually with charcoal lit from below) and the bears stood on two legs to reduce the pain. Then the bear beat the tambourine. With the many repetitions, the bears connected the sound of the tambourine to their torment and rose to their feet.

In essence, they injured them (physically and psychologically) and with the tambourine they managed to recall the traumatic experience and force them to behave accordingly, walking on both feet, trying to alleviate their pain.

That is, these bears live for a lifetime in fear.

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Anna M.
Choose comppassion 🙂

I had seen it before and my soul was killed ... 🙁

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Thodoris Tibilis