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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - MANOLI

Manoli is a light and sweet extra virgin olive oil, rich in vitamin E, oleic acid and antioxidants. Enjoy it daily in your salads and meals. Variety of olives: Koronean Harvest season: mid November - mid February Acidity: 0.30% - 0.60% max Area: South Crete, Heraklion region, plain of Messara Cretan diet is a branch of the Mediterranean diet and is considered the best in the world. It manages to combine amazing taste with excellent raw materials, health and wellness. Of course, in recent decades, the Western modern way of eating, fast food diet has been eroded. However, in many parts of Megalonissos one can taste the ancient flavors (many have their roots in the Minoan era) and the traditional recipes. The main ingredient of almost all Cretan dishes is extra virgin olive oil, the gold of Greek and Cretan land. Extra virgin is olive oil with an acidity below 0.8%. When the oil has an acidity of 0,8% - 2% it is simply called virgin. Crude oil of over 2% is called lampante, refined, industrial, coupe etc. Crete has over 30 million olive trees producing top quality oil, almost all of it extra virgin (about 90%). It is very important how the olive oil is extracted from the fruit, its processing, crushing temperature etc. MANOLI extra virgin olive oil comes from the well-known ...

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