Extra Virgin Olive Oil - MANOLI

Manoli is a light and sweet extra virgin olive oil, rich in vitamin E, oleic acid and antioxidants.

Enjoy it daily in your meals and salads!


Olive variety: Koroneiki
Harvest season: mid November - mid February
Acidity: 0.30% - 0.60% max
Area: Southern Crete, Heraklion region, plain of Messara


The Cretan diet is an offshoot of the Mediterranean diet and is considered the best in the world. It manages to combine amazing taste with excellent raw materials, health and wellness. Of course, over the past decades, it has been eroded by the modern Western fast food diet. However, in many regions of Crete one can taste the ancient flavors (many have their roots in the Minoan era) and the traditional recipes.

The main ingredient of almost all Cretan dishes is extra virgin olive oil, the gold of Greek and Cretan land.

Extra virgin is called the olive oil with an acidity less than 0.8%. When the oil has an acidity of 0,8% - 2% it is simply called virgin. When its acidity is more than 2% is called labande, refined, industrial, coupe, etc.

Crete has over 30 million olive trees producing top quality oil, almost all of it extra virgin (about 90%). Of great importance is the way the olive oil is extracted from the fruit and the way it's processed, the crushing temperature, etc.

MANOLI extra virgin olive oil comes from the famous Messara plain in Heraklion. It is the juice of olive fruit obtained by simple, natural and mechanical methods, without chemical or other treatment, at temperatures below 28 °C/82 °F. Its acidity is no more than 0.3 -0.6%. An extremely low percentage . It is fresh and always delivered with a long expiration date. It can be cooked 4-5 times if it's not burnt (that is, creating black smoke and characteristic scent).

Extra virgin olive oil is an essential part of a vegan diet. It really seems impossible for top quality olive oil to be missing from a vegan kitchen.

Taste it and you will notice the superior quality!

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